The Sketching Tour

What you will learn

You will begin the tour with guided exercises which help you capture everything from hydrangeas to weathered shingles. Using the charming streets of Nantucket and sketching examples, we teach the relevant elements of the renowned book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. A range of teaching tips will give you a body of knowledge to use in your paintings, drawings, sketches and most importantly, "seeing".

Negative Space
Shading Perspective contour

Negative Space

Using the space around an object gives depth and interest - an easy way to capture a fence or window


Learn shading tips by using the pencil in different ways - use for blocking in trees, buildings, flags, flowers, bushes, shingles


Learn simple ratio tips will help you get things in the right proportion and make your sketches look real.

Contour Line

The contour method allows the freedom to sketch anything fluidly and with proportion

Click on images to view enlargments • Materials included in your registration fee.

Oil Painting by AnneSummer 2013 Oil Workshops

Also available are Anne's Oil Painting workshops. Classes begin with an informative demonstration by Anne. Then follows the painting session with Anne's individual instruction.

"Thank you so much. I feel I've come so far in just a few lessons under your guidance. I don't exaggerate when I say that I wouldn't , and couldn't, have done it without your encouragement and sensitive instruction. I am so excited about being able to continue.  I feel I'm learning so much every time I step up to the canvas." David

"Anne, your workshops have been the best gift I could have given myself. Thank you for your support and sharing your incredible talent. I loved every moment." Susan

Learn more at Anne's Painting Website or download the brochure.

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