Sketch by Jeb Brack

Christina's Favorite Sketching Materials:
QoR Watercolor Half Pan set 
I love the pigments in QoR better than any other watercolor. I have used Golden Acrylics for years. 

Jelly Roll White Pen
For those highlights that my inner industrial designer loves.

Bic Pens 
My favorites are purple but black and blue are great too for on-the-go sketching. I use them instead of a pencil most of the time. BIC Cristal Up Ballpoint Pens - Assorted Colours, Pack of 8

Golden Titanium White 
I usually carry a tube with less than an ounce left but there are small containers you can use that are flyable.

Sharpie Fine Point Pen 
Inexpensive and does not bleed with watercolor. I love them and cannot stand Micron pens.

Tombow Ink Pens
I love the 03 and Brush Pens


Little Sharpener

Sakura Koi Water Brush 

I like a pointed round 8+
I also love the Da Vinci Travel Brushes.

Paper Towels 
I fold a bunch and have them in my purse

I like small. I always have a small 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" Stillman and Birn Beta
5½" × 5½" Global Art Handbook
The Hahnemuhle Zig Zag Sketchbooks are also fun

And a larger Stillman and Birn Beta
Fountain Pen
I am still experimenting but like the Lamy  Fountain Pens These DO bleed with water.
Be sure to put it in a ziplock bag on the plane!


I like a wide brim with a tie.


Most often on trips, I use a ballpoint pen and a little sketchbook. If I have time, I add a little color.
If you like to do a little scrapbooking in your sketchbook, you can bring invisible tape or a glue stick.
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